Press release: Colour X-rays!

by e_e_evans PhD student

A new advancement in the field of x-ray microtomography created by the combining of photogrammatry and traditional computer aided tomography has been heralded today as the next breakthrough in X-ray science.

april fool's image

A colour x-ray of a kinder egg toy.

The work  was performed by the Joint Operation into K-edge Electromagnetic-radiation (JOKE). A spokesperson for JOKE commented, “we thought it would be a really cool thing to do… frankly I still don’t know how we got funding for this!”

Further aims of the lab will be to detect smell using x-rays and a collaboration with the Special Assembled Team for IrRational Experiments (SATIRE) to discover if x-rays can detect sarcasm.

More to follow.

This was written in the spirit of 1st April. For real work being done with X-rays, visit: