Grasmere Cave and Bracelet Bay

by e_e_evans PhD student

Today I’d like to share a couple of recent little trips I took and the geology I saw:

Firstly, before I started work I went out walking with family around Grasmere. Not only were we enjoying a nice walk we knew we’d be passing an old quarry, now more man-made cave, that is in the hills between Grasmere and Rydal Water.

A fun fact about the cave is that a) it’s been used for concerts. (Good Acoustics?!)

b) It could fit the entire population of Ambleside within it.

Below are some typically arty photos of the cave.


P1010510 P1010508 P1010515

Before the weather recently broke in Swansea I went on a little field excursion to Bracelet Bay which is by Mumbles Head on Swansea Bay.

I took some photos (no surprise, see below) and made some poor quality notes in the back of my diary. So I followed good practice in keeping notes but didn’t record them in the right sort of place. So to preserve them for prosperity and to illustrate how a geologist might keep a notebook (I make no promises that my notebook technique is exemplary! In fact, I know it’s not, don’t follow my example!). Anyway, here goes:

Bracelet Bay 27/9/14 10:55

Around the back of the café by the stone benches.

After receiving a tip off from a dept. geologist I’ve gone in search of fossils!

– Fine grained, grey rocks.
– 2 scales of bedding ~40 cm & ~10-15 cm
– Jointed twice in the vertical ~E-W and NNE-SSW
– Highly fossiliferous
– Minor veining – calcite
– Fossils are matrix supported.

Wackestone (?) limestone
Some more dense – packstone

– Shells both concave and convex upwards (death assemblage?)
– Possible bivalves – vary from <1 cm up to 5 cm.

Photos taken.

P1010528 P1010530 P1010532 P1010534 P1010528 P1010529

I’ll admit the photos are more interesting than the above.