Geology videos #1

by e_e_evans PhD student

I thought it would be fun to share with you some interesting geology videos I have found across the internet. Enjoy!

(For a more serious post about my first day at Swansea click here).

Oldoinyo Lengai is possibly the most unique volcano on planet Earth. Erupting what is chemically molten limestone (but not really as it has a different source) it flows from the volcano in Tanzania like slivery water. Although it is lava it is too cool (only 550-700 degrees C) to visibly glow during the day. Check out the weirdly compelling crack-glurble-hiss of the lava.

This was a series of videos I first came across while researching for my 4th year research project. Below is exemplary video in the collection… and a really silly video. Basically, this is what happens when something thinks “ooo, wouldn’t be be cool if we made our own lava flows out of real lava?!”

(Is this proof that Notch the developer of Minecraft was right to include furnaces that could cook beef with lava?)

Tales about great minds of science, in this episode Hank Green talks about the great fossil collector Mary Anning.

Trailer of the myVolcano App available on the itunes store is part of a colaboration between the British Geological Survey and the Smithsonian Institute (with help from NERC). This is part of the BGS’ citizen science initiative to get people to photograph eruptions, upload information about ash fall and even send in samples to the BGS. Slightly cheesey video but interesting.

That’s enough of that for now… more will probably follow soon!